There’s Another ‘Human Barbie’ In Town Searching For Her ‘Ken’ [Watch]

Alina Kovalevskaya, 21, is the newest “Human Barbie” to emerge from Odessa, Ukraine, and she’s searching for her “Ken.”

Alina’s video on YouTube has been an internet sensation, attracting hundreds of thousands of views. She has a large committed band of followers on the Russian social network VK, and has been overwhelmed with autograph requests, declarations of love, and even marriage proposals. However, she’s not interested and says that she is still looking for her perfect man.

The Daily Mail reports that the original “Human Barbie,”Valeria Lukyanov, 28, is also a resident of Odessa, and was actually once a friend of Alina, but their relationship declined after Alina was perceived as being a serious competitor for the Barbie title.

For some inexplicable reason, Odessa has become a hot center for Barbie look-alikes with a number of other young girls trying to achieve the “doll-like” look. The local population call it “Barbie-flu.”

Valeria, the “original” Barbie, has a unique body, featuring a tiny 18-inch waist. However, she has recently got into hot water over remarks she made about ethnicity, which led to people branding her a “racist space alien.”

In an interview with GQ, she alleged that interracial couples are making the human race uglier, leading to a rise in plastic surgery. Needless to say, these comments sparked a huge backlash.

Alina Kovalevskaya is seven years younger than her rival, and considerably less controversial. She boasts meter-long blonde hair, and often wears contact lenses to give her a blank, doll-like stare.

new Barbie in town

However, as the saying goes, Alina is “more than just a pretty face.” She is studying psychology and social work at Odessa University, and says she would like to have two children and perhaps even adopt a child one day.

The world first became aware of Valeria in 2012 after her “spiritual counseling” videos became a viral sensation worldwide. Apart from the controversy about her views, there were also doubts expressed about how she had achieved her look, with allegations that she had undergone many operations. She replied that she only had breast implants and that her appearance was entirely due to diet and exercise.

Hopefully, the two “Human Barbies” will not both discover the same “Ken”!