Men Wearing Socks During Sex Makes Some Women Cheat: It’s One Of Five Top Reasons

Wearing socks during sex is one of the biggest turnoffs for women, and is one reason they give for seeking affairs, according to the the Daily Mail.

Victoria Milan is a well known dating website that helps people searching for extramarital affairs to achieve their goal. They conducted a survey of over 4,000 women to discover the top five bad habits that would cause them to cheat.

Apart from wearing socks in bed, dirty talk was also said to be a turnoff. Other reasons were selfishness (stealing the blanket at night) and narcissism (only satisfying himself and not caring whether the woman climaxed or not). These were examples of bad habits that led to women’s extramarital behavior, the website says, as well as an overall lack of good sex.

Around 65 percent of the women who responded said they would be less inclined towards infidelity if their partners were better behaved. A whopping 81 percent said that they were far more daring and sexually experimental with their lovers than with their husbands.

The website confirmed that many of those questioned complained of “little things like stealing the covers, keeping his socks on while making love, or checking the dreadful smartphone.”

A more serious complaint was what the site defined as being narcissistic, like when men “focus too much on the things only they like in bed,” and leave their partners in the cold. “These men are more likely to ask [women] to do things to satisfy [themselves] and fail to return the favor,” according to the survey.

Dirty talk was really counter-productive for most women. The site points out, “When you’re busy talking dirty, your partner often thinks your mind is more on that porn movie fantasy than on what is happening between you two in the moment. Making up the list of five major turnoffs on Victoria Milan’s list were not being creative in bed, and skipping foreplay.

Sigurd Vedal, CEO of Victoria Milan, says that the survey showed that “modern women have a fresh awareness that there is an entire sexual world beyond the one they are living, and if they’re not satisfied at home, they do not hesitate to discover new things themselves.”

If the success of the Victoria Milan website is anything to go by, the sooner men stop wearing socks during sex, the better.

The site has a total of three million members across over 30 countries worldwide.