Five Dogs Euthanized After They Attack 72-Year-Old Woman In Phoenix, Arizona

Dog attack injures elderly woman

A vicious attack by a pack of dogs has left a 72-year-old woman in critical condition in Phoenix, Arizona, reports USA Today. According to police officials, five Bullmastiff-pit bull mixes were behind the attack. All of the dogs involved in the attack have been euthanized as per the owner’s request, said Maricopa County Animal Care and Control officials.

According to Mohave Daily News, the attack was reported at around 5:30 am local time at Barrios Unidos Park. Responding emergency personnel found an injured elderly woman, later identified as Elia Gutierez, who had sustained multiple dog bites. The woman was reportedly collecting cans from the area and is known to do so regularly, said Officer James Holmes, a Phoenix police spokesman. The attack was witnessed by a woman and she immediately called up the police to report it.

According to Phoenix firefighter Dan Waltuch, the area is known for dogs running through the streets of the neighborhood. The USA Today report also mentioned that a responding police officer too was attacked by the dogs. The officer was forced to fire a shot that hit one of the dogs’ mouth. Soon after this, the dogs rushed back to their home after which the owner handed them over to Animal Control officials. The owner subsequently authorized animal control authorities to euthanize all five dogs.

Meanwhile, residents of the area have said that they have seen large packs of dogs roaming about in the area in the past as well. Many of these dogs have also had a history of aggressive behavior towards people. Other residents have complained of attacks on their own dogs by these packs of dogs.

According to Melissa Gable, a spokesperson for Animal Care and Control, none of the dogs involved in the attack against the elderly woman were licensed. The euthanized animals would also be tested for rabies at a state lab later this week.

Who is to be blamed for this unfortunate dog attack? Also, do you think, it was correct to euthanize all the five dogs? In the past too we have had dogs being euthanized after they attack people.

Shouldn’t the owner be held more accountable in cases like these?

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