Ready To Watch Big Bang Theory Star Melissa Rauch Do Gymnastics?

Melissa Rauch plays a gymnast in 'The Bronze'

Melissa Rauch, best known for her role as Bernadette in the hit comedy The Big Bang Theory, will be taking on the role of a former gymnast with a need for fame and a foul mouth in an upcoming Indie flick, The Bronze. As Hope Greggory, Rauch will move from her Big Bang role as a (mostly) soft-spoken scientist to a position as an Olympic medalist who can’t stand to see an young upstart stealing her thunder.

Rauch and her husband, Winston, wrote the script together, and will be two of the three executive producers on the project, along with director Brian Buckley, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Buckley is known for his work on Super Bowl commercials, and for writing and producing several short films.

The Chronicle Telegram reports that the Big Bang Theory star and the rest of the cast were in Elyria, Ohio to film some scenes earlier this week, making a stir and getting fans excited. The majority of the filming will be done in Amherst, the paper reports, but the cast was charmed with the scenery in the smaller town and spent a day there taping portions of the movie.

The presence of the filming crew and tv stars in the area has definitely got the locals excited:

The Bronze is not Melissa Rauch’s first run as writer, either. IMDB credits her as writer and producer on a 2009 short titled ‘The Condom Killer,’ about a serial killer who takes it upon himself to correct the world’s wrongs (as he sees them) with a gun and the latex barrier from which his nickname derives. Rauch was also part of the cast in that film.

Clearly keeping busy, Melissa is also a member of the cast in the new movie Flock of Dudes, which is listed as post production. As for Big Bang Theory, the network has signed a deal to keep airing the popular show for another three seasons, according to Deadline, so after Melissa’s done with her gymnastics in her own movie, she should have plenty lined up to keep being busy.

There’s no word yet on when The Bronze will be in the can and ready for viewing, but if you’re missing Melissa Rauch in the meantime, The Big Bang Theory season 8 will premiere in September to help endure the wait.

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