Dramatic Childbirth Video Shows Texas Resident Kristin Dickerson Delivering Baby At Hospital Entrance

A dramatic video captured by Texas resident Troy Dickerson that shows him driving towards the hospital with his wife in labor is going viral. According to ABC News, Troy’s wife Kristin Dickerson went in to labor in the 42nd week of her pregnancy – in the middle of the night. Realizing he had no time to waste, Troy carried Kristin on to his truck and drove towards the nearest hospital – but not before attaching a GoPro camera to his head to record the events that happen.

Troy’s camera managed to capture the agonizing video of their drive to the hospital. In the video, Kristin is seen wuthering in pain and letting out an occasional scream as Troy tries to pacify her. On many occasions he tells her “we’re almost” there, which in reality wasn’t the case. All through the video, Kristin tells Troy that she could feel the baby’s head coming out and asks him to pull over. Troy, determined to get Kristin to the safety of the hospital stomps the pedal and the truck races towards the hospital at 95 mph down the highway.

Five minutes into the video, the couple finally reaches the hospital and Troy quickly asks the security at the valet area to help him get Kristin to the emergency room. Another guard brings a wheelchair for Kristin. However Kristin refuses to sit on it because she knew that the baby was going to come out any second. Then, it happened. In front of the valet, without going in to the labor room, Kristin delivers the baby – standing. This bit has been obviously censored by Troy.

Later, Kristin is seen sitting on the wheelchair with her baby in her hands- and surrounded by an army of emergency workers. They cut the umbilical cord and the baby lets out a faint cry to everyone’s joy. Kristin is also heard jokingly saying.

“I just gave birth in front of three security guards”.

Kristin is subsequently taken to a room where the newborn baby named Truett is photographed.

Kristin who is a birth educator was initially hesitant to let the world see her unconventional childbirth – but later thought “it’s really cool to let people see that our bodies know what to do.” The dramatic childbirth happened on June 28th. The video was uploaded to YouTube on July 4 and is now gradually gaining worldwide attention.

Kristin says Troy has also filmed the birth of her two other children Turner, 4 and Tillman, 2.

This is not the first time we have heard of babies being delivered at an unusual location. Back in May, The Inquisitr had reported about a woman giving birth to twins inside an aircraft!

[Image Via Troy Dickerson/YouTube]