2000 Foot Tower Found At The Bottom Of The Sea? More Investigating Is Necessary

Our planet is so amazing! Earth can be a beacon of beauty with forests, plains, tundras, meadows, and mountains, but can also display power beyond human control, especially with the weather. We, as curious creatures, of course want to know more about our planet. We want to know what beautiful secrets lie within that have yet to be discovered. Fortunately for us, we have so much to see. We only know less than 10% of our oceans alone, which brings us to the unique video above.

Uploaded on the channel titled MrGreyface, the video is called Directions to Hollow Earth. According to the description of the video, the user (could be male or female) was looking around on Google Earth one day when the curiosity of what is exactly opposite of the Great Pyramid came about. Utilizing three red lines, he split the world into thirds with its origin at the Great Pyramid. He followed the one of the lines until they reconnected at a point in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But it is when the user zoomed in did they find something strange.

Right along the Pacific Ocean’s floor where the three lines connect stood some sort of structure, similar to a tower that measured about 2,000 feet in height. There were no mountainous ranges around for it was all flat, except for this extrusion. To further understand just how tall this structure is, the Empire State Building, located in New York City, is only about 1450 feet average. This structure in the sea towers over one of our most prominent American icons pertaining to architecture.

Before It’s News added more information, not that long ago actually, about the video in their follow-up article. First, there seems to be a second tower right next to the first. This second tower is also roughly half the height of the first. Second, the two towers seem to rise from a chasm in the ocean bed floor. Maybe that’s why the title of the video is Directions to Hollow Earth. Just from that title alone, an assumption can be made that is some sort of entrance into the Earth itself. What is it an entrance for? Nobody knows.

However, we’ve done some very strange reporting on unexplained happenings within our oceans. This includes a large great white shark which was tagged, but suddenly its tag was found without the shark. From that report, it is hypothesized the great white was eaten because the tag registered a sudden spike in temperature… as if it were inside the digestive track of an animal. Whatever could have eaten the shark is up in speculation, but another one of writers, Patrick Frye, reports that it might be the Leviathan, as mentioned in the Holy Bible.

Still, this extrusion – which is now recognized as the 2,000 foot tower in the sea – does merit more investigating. Let’s hope some marine biologists or ocean explorers will find this video interesting enough to check out.

[Image via Bing]