Apple Macbook Pro 3G Prototype Goes Up For Auction on eBay

We can already hear the Apple Swat Team breaking down the auctioneers door on this one, a 3G-capable Macbook Pro prototype has been put up on auction site eBay.

The device was put together when the buyer bought the necessary parts off Craigslist, including a built-in Dynastream ANT2USB modem that was modified to fit inside the aluminum chassis.

Also included with the device is the necessary SIM card with HSPA 3G access to make the device work, alongside a retractable antenna for added connectivity strength.

Proving the systems 3G capabilities, the seller, using Snow Leopard (which showed up two years after the prototype was made) shows screenshots of the recognized modem via the “System Preferences” screen.

According to the seller the prototype is model “Tyco proto #006” and was an internal project that includes a red colored mainboard and custom rewiring.

There’s definitely a chance that the auction will be shut down by eBay, however the simple fact that the built-in 3G capable Macbook Pro exists in the first place is cause for celebration.

If a winner is chosen, they should be aware that a third-party battery and hard drive had to be installed in order for the unit to operate, sending this one back to Apple for some new parts or ordering them online could be a hassle.

Here’s a screenshot showing the Dynastream ANT2USB modem being recognized by Safari:

Apple Macbook Pro 3G System Preferences Screenshot

Would you be willing to spend extra cash on a Macbook Pro with 3G, even if it meant no support from Apple in the future? I’d be willing to give it a try, knowing good and well that once the battery falls apart I’ll be buying a new notebook.

In the meantime, here’s a look at the Macbook Pro’s red colored motherboard (it looks like something Asus would build):

Macbook Pro 3G with Red Motherboard