Watching Cats Attack Their Owner’s Feet Is Just Plain Adorable!

Along with all the hard-hitting news and gossip, we here at The Inquisitr have a soft spot for animals, especially pet cats and dogs. We did report other videos such as pet cats and dogs meeting babies for the first time as well as pet cats and dogs with big cute eyes. Recently, we also reported on an owner who gave her dying dog a wonderful farewell treat.

Now the Fabulous Mr. Pug has uploaded a video on his official Youtube channel that is getting a lot of attention: pet cats attacking their owner’s feet.

Uploaded on July 5, 2015 and sitting on over 35,000 views, the viral video is now the 49th most popular video on Youtube. It is exactly what the title of the video says it is: numerous cuts of owners having their cats attack their feet. Some of them are by surprise but the majority of them are allowing the cats to just gung-ho on their footsie digits. And to my surprise, some are even bare footed. That has got to hurt if a cat’s fangs or claws dig into their big toe. Nevertheless, their pain is our entertainment. There is something about how cats playing with feet being similar to how they play with a ball of yarn that is adorable. I can even say it probably triggers that ASMR feeling in the base of your skull for some of you.

The Fabulous Mr. Pug is no stranger when it comes to uploading cute cat videos. On his Youtube channel, he has cats playing with card games, cats with their paws under the door, cats playing board games, and cats on catnip. Personally, my favorite video is cats playing the video game Fruit Ninja. It is cool watching some of those cats really get into the game trying to slice bananas and watermelons.

For more interesting cat videos, check out the Fabulous Mr. Pug as well as Tiger FunnyWorks, in which the latter were the ones responsible for the two cats and dogs videos linked above.

[Image via Fabulous Mr. Pug’s Cats Attacking Feet video]