Sugarland concert stage at Indiana State Fair collapses killing 4 [Video]

At least four concert goers at the Indiana State Fair are dead after the stage where the band Sugarland was suppose to perform this past Saturday collapsed.

The winds were reportedly between 60 to 70 miles per hour; and it is only because the band manager decided to hold everyone back in the underground pit of the stage after hearing about the severe weather warning that the country duo of Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, along with the band members, weren’t among the reported 40 injured people.

Immediately following the stage collapse the band stagehands and techs jumped into the area of the collapse and helped rescue the injured.

Four concert attendees are reported to have died and another 40 taken to area hospitals. “It was a perfect blue sunny day until this, it’s just heartbreaking,” says the source, who adds that watching the video footage later was “surreal.”

A Sugarland staffer referred to the band’s tweet following the collapse, which read: “We are praying for our fans, and the people of Indianapolis. We hope you’ll join us. They need your strength.”

via Hollywood Reporter

State police have said that the fair will be closed on Sunday but re-open Monday.

Here is a video capturing the disaster.

image courtesy of Hollywood Reporter