Tom Brady Dissed Among Pre-Season Faves For 2014 MVP; Peyton Manning, Drew Brees Favored

Tom Brady wasn’t number one — in fact, he wasn’t even in the top three — when odds makers decided to make a list of those most likely to be voted the 2014 NFL MVP, according to a Fox Sports report.

It could be a sign that Tom Brady is getting long in the tooth. At 37, he isn’t exactly a spring chicken, especially by NFL standards. Still, age didn’t stop Peyton Manning — a year older at 38 — from taking the top spot. The number two guy isn’t much younger, either. Drew Brees is 35 headed into the 2014 NFL season.

A report in NESN gives the odds for the top 40 prospects for the NFL’s 2014 MVP. Of course, it sounds a little silly to be picking an MVP before the first snap of the season, but hey, that’s what odds makers do. The odds provided initially by Pro Football Focus give front runner Peyton Manning 3 to 1 odds ahead of the 2014 season. Drew Brees is factored in at 11-2 odds. Aaron Rodgers is 15-2.

Peyton Manning.

Tom Brady, in what is likely one of the worst disses he has endured in his storied NFL career, is given a long shot in fourth place with 9-1 odds.

What’s worse, it isn’t the worst diss Tom Brady is experiencing in the media. An article in the Washington Post suggests that Brady isn’t even in the top five NFL quarterbacks any more.

As might be expected, quarterbacks dominate the list, holding every position from one to seven. Quarterbacks also account for four of the seven players tied for eighth at 25-1 odds. The highest ranked non-quarterbacks are wide receiver Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions and running backs LeSean McCoy and Adrian Peterson.

Drew Brees.

Don’t cry for Tom Brady, though. Although New England fans doubtless think he should be ranked higher, it’s hard to argue agains those who are favored ahead of him. Still, Brady’s 13 season career has included two prior NFL MVP awards — in 2007 and 2010 — and five Super Bowl appearances. He won three Super Bowls and was named MVP in two of them. So, he has plenty of experience receiving MVP awards. And who knows, he still could silence the odds makers and win the MVP award in 2014. If 9-1 odds bother you, you could even make some money on it if he does.

What do you think? Is Tom Brady really fourth best — or worse, not even in the top five — or are the odds makers and pundits all wet? Should he be ranked higher? What odds would you give Tom Brady to win this year’s MVP award?