911 Dispatcher’s Fiance: Help Save Our Choking Son

A 911 dispatcher’s fiance’s call for help led to a frightening situation, but luckily it had a happy ending. Robert Kimball discovered that his son Maverick was choking, and he called 911 for help. As it happened, his fiancee Britney Melchor was the dispatcher who took the call.

KFOR shares that as the caller gave the 911 dispatcher his information and address, she realized it was her own family who needed help. The 911 dispatcher’s fiance needed help, and she was in the difficult position of having to maintain her composure and resolve the situation. Luckily, she pulled it off.

Melchor says, “Mommy mode kinda hit, like that’s my son.” She adds, “I panicked but then I was like, you know what, I gotta get him the help that he absolutely needs.” It seems that 14-month-old Maverick had been playing in the bedroom while his dad was in the living room moving some furniture around. When dad Robert Kimball went to check on him, it was clear something was wrong.

Maverick had swallowed a metal washer, and it got stuck in his airway. Kimball tried to dislodge the item, to no avail. Melchor got paramedics dispatched to the home, and right as they arrived Kimball managed to get the washer out of Maverick’s airway. Melchor notes, “You see firsthand now that you’re someone’s lifeline.” The experience demonstrated in the most personal way possible that, “You’re their guardian angel in the few seconds that you’re on the phone with them.”


KTVU notes that Maverick is doing fine now, but it was certainly a frightening incident for all involved. It seems that Britney Melchor has been a 911 dispatcher for a number of years, but she has never experienced anything quite like this. She’s likely hoping she never does again, either. Thankfully the little boy has recovered, though this is surely a story he will be hearing about for years.

The incident has provided Britney Melchor quite the opportunity, though. The call reiterated to her that, “We actually help make the lives of everybody that calls us so much better.” Both parents were shaken by the incident, but relieved that ultimately things worked out well. There are plenty of stories available these days regarding 911 calls handled poorly by staff members, whether it be intentionally or accidentally. Luckily in the case of this call with the 911 dispatcher’s fiance needing help, there was a very happy ending for Maverick’s family.

[Image via KSHB Twitter page]