Man Has World’s Largest Tumor Removed: Weight 240 Pounds [Graphic Content]

Doctors in China have operated successfully to remove what is believed to be the world’s largest tumor. According to The Daily Mail, the tumor, which weighed a mind-boggling 240 pounds (108 kilos), was removed from the mans’s leg.

It had grown on Yang Jianbin, 37, from Shanxi Province. When Yang was born he had a dark colored birthmark on the right side of his lower back. When he was nine-years-old, he noticed that the mark was growing larger.

I grew to be the size of a fist, so when he was 12 he had an operation to remove it. Unfortunately, it began to grow again, and reached its current weight. Yang is suffering from the genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis which Chief surgeon at the Bejung hospital, Chen Minliang, explained is a condition that affects the normal growth and development of cell tissue.

He added, “We have seen neurofibromatosis patients before, but this is the biggest nerve tumor we ever saw.” Indeed, the growth was so large that Yang needed two hospital beds to accommodate the 1.2m tumor, which made up two-thirds of his total body weight.

The huge tumor was so big that Yang could only lie down or sit in bed all day.

It took a team of nine doctors to carry out the 16 hour operation and during surgery Yang required 5,000 ml of blood — more than the average capacity of the entire adult body.

worlds largest tumor 2

Yang is recovering well, and is expected to be discharged from hospital in Beijing later this month.

Probably the most famous person ever to suffer from neurofibromatosis was an Englishman called Joseph Merrick, better known as “The Elephant Man.” Merrick was born at a time when little was understood about the condition, and he lived much of his life as a freak, He died in 1890 at the age of 27.

Images: HAP/Quirky China News/REX