Have You Seen This Ridiculously Bizarre ‘Japanese Doctor Who’ Parody? [Video]

'Japanese Doctor Who' parody video is hilarious and clever.

Doctor Who fans are in for an odd treat with this strange, yet entertaining Japanese Doctor Who parody video. YouTube user lepoissonriuge uploaded the video Monday with a vague description. The details read, “Found a clip on old video tape 1970′s? 80′s?…like a Japanese version Doctor Who. Anyone?” The three-minute video depicts Doctor Who, meandering through the woods when a Dalek, with an usually high center of gravity, appears.

The Dalek, named Dalekor, assembles with the oddest looking gang of Cybermen one could imagine. Immediately, Doctor Who and his nemeses engage in a hilarious mock “kung fu” style fight, complete with less than stunning graphic effects. Thanks to his Sonic Screw… um… Sword, Doctor Who rises to victory.

The clever, campy video is a marriage of a Doctor Who Parody with a Power Rangers style of fighting. Nerdist discovered the filmmaker responsible for the “Japanese Doctor Who Parody.” Joshua Kahan from the UK is the man responsible for this outrageously strange 70s-style Doctor Who video. Kahan is adorably and cleverly modest about the cult-film success he is enjoying with his YouTube parody video Japanese Doctor Who.