Kendall Jenner Owns The Cat Walk In Chanel Haute Couture Debut [Photos]

As Paris Fashion week gears up, Kendall Jenner strut her stuff in Chanel haute couture for the house’s new 2014-2015 Fall/Winter collection, according to Celeb Buzz.

Doting momager Kris Jenner was amid the audience and posted the following picture via her Instagram:

Kendall walks in Paris runway show

She captioned the photo:

WOW!!! Congratulations @kendalljenner you look so beautiful walking in the Chanel Couture show just now!!!!! I’m so proud of you! Fabulous show@karllagerfeld #KarlLagerfeld #Paris#ChanelCoutureFallWinter2014 #Stunning

Kendall Jenner seems to have taken the world of high fashion by storm, with campaigns with Givenchy and Marc Jacobs. For her Paris debut, Kendall’s tall and willowy frame was draped in a red and black tweed gown with feather sleeves and adornments, and sported a sassy faux hawk. Her makeup was subtle, but dramatic: silver eye shadow and black liner.

Kendall’s stylist, Sam McKnight, who did her hair backstage, broke down her look for Vogue. According to the article, Sam created Kendall’s look using the following technique:

McKnight started off by slicking models’ real hair into flat chignons to be hidden later under the low-sitting boyish caps. Then came the hairpieces—50 of them, to be exact—which took an army of stylists an entire week to handcraft. Each one was washed in dish liquid to “strip it back to a dry, malleable texture,” then saturated with mousse before being “blow-dried, pinned, twisted, teased, and misted with hairspray.” Because if there’s one thing to be learned from the eighties, it’s how to master your back-combing technique.

Meanwhile, backstage, Kendall posed with a fellow model, which she later posted via her Instagram account:

Kendall Jenner backstage at the Chanel Haute Couture show

Afterwards Kendall took to Paris in a dressed-down outfit: jeans, a leather coat, and some dark shades. She pulled her hair back into a sleek ponytail as she stepped out on the streets of Paris following the Chanel Couture show. The up and coming model, who is 18, would later attend an event where she mingled with Oscar-award-winning Jared Leto and author Derek Blasberg who both showed support for Kendall during her haute couture debut.

“‘Just a couple of Americans in Paris: me, @JaredLeto and @KendallJenner at the Chanel show.” Tweeted Derek Blasberg

What do you think about Kendall’s look? Is it fierce or does it fall flat?