500 Invites to Signal Patterns for Inquisitr readers

Signal Patterns, perhaps the most deep and meaningful social connection service I’ve ever seen, launched their Facebook app Friday, and we’ve got invites for Inquisitr readers. The first 500 people to click this link get in. Once you hit the page following this link, sign up on the right hand side (the service is currently in closed beta).

Signal Patterns’ new Facebook application “accurately surveys and assesses personalities to improve online and real world relationships.” Signal Patterns undertakes a detailed personality assessment, as well as asking for music preferences to link you to other people, be it users of the site, or Facebook users, with similar traits. You can also compare your traits to others.

It’s pitched as fun, but the test has a scientific basis, being based on the trait-based “Big Five” theory, enabling users to learn more about themselves as well.

The site also comes with various social features itself, and you can always embed the results on your blog as well. Signal Patterns is a little involved at first (the survey takes sometime) but the results are fairly impressive, as are the linkups.