Kim Jong Un: North Korean Dictator Seen Limping - World Wonders, 'Why?'

Sean Mahoney

Sports broadcaster, Chris Berman, has a trademark football call that may have been appropriate for North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un's recent walk across a public stage: "Rumbling, bumbling, stumbling!"

But the question the world is asking since footage of the dictator limping surfaced is, why?

ABC News reports that the young North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, limped across the stage while attending an event recognizing the 20th anniversary of the death of Kim Il-sung, his grandfather and founder of North Korea.

North Korea State media showcased the live footage of the event featuring throngs of North Korean political and military officials applauding the oft-maligned Kim Jong Un. That they would broadcast Jong Un, apparently injured, was surprising to many since North Korea has long strived to present their leaders as all powerful and void of weakness.

For instance, in this photo, Kim Jong Un is examining a playground slide. Could the dictator have injured himself while actually trying the thing out?

Here we see Kim Jong Un engaging in equestrian activity, a notoriously dangerous leisure pursuit:

And perhaps the most likely, here we see Kim Jong Un enjoying a basketball game with former NBA great, Dennis Rodman. It is widely known that among the most common ways for middle-aged men to get injured is in a pick-up basketball game. Could the North Korean leader simply have come down wrong while shooting some hoops and come up gimpy?

Speculation aside, Kim Jong Un's health is monitored as closely as possible by South Korean media, the dictator's cigarette smoking and obesity signs of potential health concerns.

Other reports focus on a scar on Kim Jong Un's forehead, which is rumored to be from a plastic surgery procedure, done in an effort to achieve a look like his grandfather. A look of his grandfather's Kim Jong Un doesn't want to emulate, is the incurable tennis-ball sized growth that was on the back of the neck of the "eternal president", a blemish State Media was forbidden to capture on camera so could only shoot footage of him from certain angles.

So adding to the enigma that is Kim Jong Un and his secretive nation, is this new limp. Any new footage of Jong Un is sure to garner much attention for signs of the state of his health.