David Letterman Storms Off Set During Joan Rivers' Interview (Video)

David Letterman gave Joan Rivers a taste of her own medicine (all in good humor, of course) on The Late Show. It all started when Joan Rovers was interviewed by Fredricka Whitfield on CNN about her new book Diary Of A Mad Diva. Viewers saw that mad diva storm out as Whitfiled was in the middle of her interview.

Why did Joan Rivers walk out smack in the middle of her CNN interview? David Letterman brought up the incident Tuesday night when Joan Rivers was his guest. Mediate.com reports Joan as telling Letterman that the lady who interviewed her, (the 81-year-old Joan didn't remember Whitfield's name) in addition to telling Rivers she was mean, she was being "very judgmental, nasty, opinionated, negative." Rivers joked, "it was like my wedding night."

According to Salon.com, Rivers explains to David Letterman that the interviewer (Whitfield) was being overly negative while her (Joan's) purpose on this earth is to make people laugh. "She was asking negative questions," Joan stated, "It's a funny book."

David Letterman replied, "Now I watched it, and it didn't seem like she was being that tough on you."

Joan replied in typical Joan Rivers form with, "That woman had hemorrhoids behind her ears." That is when David Letterman stood up, took off his sports jacket, placed it on his chair and walked off the set. He left Joan Rivers sitting in her chair looking around in disbelief, according to Salon.com. But it didn't take long for Rivers to jump right into her humor and she continued the interview with herself.

David Letterman was only joking, unlike Rivers when she walked out of her CNN interview, but Joan Rivers proved that she can take in stride exactly what she dishes out.

Photo Credit: NYDailyNews.com