Fantasy Football Alert: Stay away from both San Francsico 49ers QB’s

I knew that the San Francisco 49ers were making a mistake when they decided to both resign Alex Smith as a QB and use a second round pick on QB Colin Kaepernick. Granted the loss of the entire off season has put this team behind again. The real issue I have is Smith has proven time and time again that he cannot handle the starting job, and I do not see the value in keeping him around. Both of these guys played pretty terrible in the first pre-season game, and I don’t want to make too much of a big deal about that, but this team is going nowhere until their QB situation gets settled.

The 49er offense did not score a touch down in their pre-season debut. Smith went 2 for 7 for 10 yards. That is not good enough even in pre-season game number one. Kaepernick was 9 for 19 for 117 but with two picks. That is ugly, and the loss of pre-season activities has really hurt these guys and their development. Let us not forget there is a new offense at work for San Francisco and it does not look like either of these guys are grasping it all that well. That of course could change.

In fantasy football terms these numbers, added to the loss of off season workouts should make all fantasy football owners avoid these guys like the plague. Neither of these guys are going to be consistent enough to be valuable in fantasy football terms, and picking either of them as your backup may get you a good game on your main QB’s bye week or leave you hurting come Tuesday morning.

For savvy fantasy football owners this is not news, but for you causal guys out there, picking either of these guys in your draft is likely to be a huge mistake. Furthermore without a solid QB in place, Fantasy football owners should also avoid the 49ers receivers as they will likely all suffer in the stats category.