The turf problem at Soldier Field

This is why I think of the Chicago Bears as a second rate organization. So a bunch of fans fight downtown Chicago traffic on a Friday night just to get to Soldier Field and partake in the team’s annual Family Fest activities, and the organization waits till a bunch of fans are in the stadium to cancel it because someone forget to water the turf. Now heavy handed security guards are keeping all cameras away from the historic field so the turf conditions do not become a story. Guess what Bears executives, its a story and you all look very inept in dealing with it.

The real funny thing here is the turf is not actually a Bears problem. They lease Soldier Field for their games and activities from the Chicago Park District. That governmental authority hired a company named SMG to take care of the stadium. All of that means the Chicago taxpayers should be insuring that the city gets a discount from a company that obviously dropped the ball.

The Turf at Soldier field is never really good, for whatever reason. I mean look at the picture above, which I believe is from one of the past two years and we see that the entire middle of the turf looks a little less green that it really should be. I have been there on many occasions and I have noticed that the turf has always been less than ideal.

In the end the Bears reaction to an unfortunate circumstance is making them look a little silly, and I expect nothing more out of this organization. Granted I do live in Detroit and Chicago is my rival city in all four major sports leagues. This could have been handled a lot better, by someone looking out their office window and realizing their was a problem before the fans actually showed up.