RAGE will use Steamworks on PC

If you're a fan of Steamworks (who wouldn't be?) and plan on picking up RAGE for the PC, you're in for a treat: Bethesda confirmed by way of the Bethblog Twitter yesterday that RAGE will be using Steamworks. Hurray for cloud storage!

For the uninitiated, Steamworks gives developers full-on access to the Steam client - meaning the developers have access to Steam's DRM, peer-to-peer multiplayer server authentication, built-in voice communication, Steam achievements, and, of course, Steam Cloud support.

Had events turned out differently, however, RAGE would probably be using Origin right now instead of Steam. You see, back before Bethesda parent company ZeniMax bought out id Software in 2009, EA reached an agreement with id Software to publish the game by way of the EA Partners program. Considering EA's big push recently to get people using Origin, it's very likely it would have ended up Origin-exclusive.

I was interested enough in this game before I even considered the possibility of RAGE having Steamworks, but I have to admit I'm even more interested now that I know it does. What about you?

via ShackNews