Pope Francis Orders The Vatican To Create Art Exhibit Promoting Chrislam

Jan Omega

Back in the 1970s, Tela Tella founded a sect that recognized both the Bible and Qu'ran as holy texts, in which it combined both Christianity and Islam. Thus Chrislam was created. Forty years later, the sect has gained a lot of popularity among progressive-thinking Christians and Muslims. The religion's girth spread exponentially when Rick Warren, one of the nation's most prominent television evangelists, became one of the biggest pushers for it.

Now there is a report out from Germany that Pope Francis is showing his support for Chrislam too. He is showing this by ordering the Vatican to support an art exhibit dedicated to promoting Chrislam.

In an initial report by German news site DW, the Vatican partnered with an Islamic museum to stage an unusual exhibition in the Emirate of Shajah. This was all established to show the world a sign of openness and cooperation between the two religions of Islam and Christianity. Spanning the length of six years and heralded by Ulrike al-Khamis, the art historian from Germany was tasked with bringing the extensive collections of the Emirate of Shajah when the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization was renovated and re-opened. The new exhibition showcases itself in a sparkling domed building almost the size of a soccer field.

The dynamic styles and genres that contrast between Islam and Christianity are supposedly set in harmony in the new museum exhibit. Some of the artifacts on display include a Koran the size of a dime that was produced in a Glasgow print shop and yellow mugs from western China bearing Arabic inscriptions surrounded by lotus flowers.

Chrislam Art Exhibit

However, the exhibit's greatest display isn't even in a case. It is diplomacy. Yet many Christ Followers who believe in the End Times known as Watchmen - a name coming from the soldiers of an army who would watch for signs of danger while on the city walls and warn them if such dangers appear - believe Chrislam to be the initial beginnings of the one-world religion talked about in the Seven Year Tribulation. Now The End Begins reports that Pope Francis ordering this art exhibit is just a step in unifying the Vatican's Roman Catholic Church with Islam.

I know it sounds ludicrous that Pope Francis wants to combine two religions into one. However, numerous past reports here on The Inquisitr might be a testament to it. This includes when Pope Francis enforced the authority of the Roman Catholic Church by decreeing Christian salvation is only through the them along with allowing Islamic prayers on Vatican grounds for the first time. Because of his progressive views towards religion, Elton John thinks Pope Francis is "just wonderful".

The new Chrislam art exhibit's title is "So that you may know each other." which is a verse from the Koran. As of now, there is no other information about the exhibit except what was reported by the original source (DW).

[Image via Sharjah Museum promotions]