Israel Is The Only Country In The Middle East That Does Not Burn The American Flag

The United States and the Middle East have a very unique relationship. One one hand, the Middle East are quick to call for our assistance when a problem should arise, but on the other hand, the majority of their people hate us (or the news shows it that they hate us). One such act of the Middle East’s disdain for the land of the free and the home of the brave is to publicly burn the American flag. However, not every country in the Middle East shows disrespect to the American flag. According to Jews News, there is only one country that doesn’t incinerate the red, white, and blue as shown in the picture below.


The thing about this news update is that it was just the picture seen above. However, one wonders how factual this picture truly is. If someone were to do an internet search for Israelis burning American flags, would there be any news on the topic? Believe it or not, the answer is a defining “no”! Gives you some pride that Israel is our ally, right?

True there could be limitations of search engines in the United States, but doing a search on Google, Yahoo, and Bing brought up no results for Israelis burning American flags. As a matter of fact, what did come up was another article by Breaking Israel News in which it claimed what Jews News claimed: Israel is the only country in the Middle East where an American flag is not burned. However, this article also included some scathing words towards our president and vice president, Barack Obama and John Kerry.

According the article, it states that the United States Department continues to expect an apology from Israel’s Defense Minister, Moshe Ya’alon, for his statements which include the following:

“It isn’t a favor America is doing, it’s in their interest. They get quality intelligence and technology.”

That’s not the only scathing words Ya’alon said about the State Department. Back around February of this year, he said the following about the American security plan they were given pertaining to the Ben Gurion Airport:

“The American security plan that was presented to us is not worth the paper it was written on. It contains neither security nor peace. Only our continued presence in Judea and Samaria and the Jordan River will guarantee that Ben Gurion Airport and (the northern city of) Netanya do not become targets for missiles from every direction.”

In the end, the relationship between Israel and the United States sounds confusing. Israel is considered to be our closest ally yet by the reports given in these articles, it seems the United States is pressuring them into a corner over their association with Arab countries who hate them. Ironically these same Arab countries have also shown numerous times their intent to harm the United States too… yet we want Israel to be in peace with them.

Presently, Israel can’t be distracted by what the United States wants them to do. They are doing their best to defend themselves from the threat of Hamas. Just here on The Inquisitr, we reported how Israel denied knowledge of an airstrike that took out seven militants in which the Hamas now vow revenge. If the Hamas are considering on following up on their promise, they probably should think twice about it. Israel took out nine Syrian military targets because of one reason: the death of an Israeli child due to Syria’s missile attack.

In conclusion, maybe the closing statement Breaking Israel News says it all:

“Israel understands what Israel needs better than Barack Obama and John Kerry.”

[Image via Bing]