Brazil’s 7-1 Semi Final Debacle: Internet Responds With Hilarious Memes!

One of the most awaited contests of the 2014 World Cup ended in disaster for the host nation after the historic 7-1 defeat of Brazil at the hands of Germany.

Right from the start of the much anticipated match between Germany and Brazil, it was evident that Germany clearly had the upper hand. Like we mentioned in our detailed report of the match, Germany was already up 5-0 against Brazil by the end of the first half itself – thereby nullifying any chances of Brazil making a comeback.

While the match was on and it became increasingly clear that Brazil was going to succumb to one if its worst ever defeats. The sheer scale of Brazil’s defeat prompted some of the most creative minds on social media to come up with some hilarious memes

Below, we are listing some of the most hilarious ones we could find – in no particular order of preference!

Warning: Do not scroll down if you are a Brazilian supporter.

This was brutal…


Have you come across any other memes about that unbelievable semi final between Brazil and Germany?

[Image Via Straits Times]