Jennifer Lawrence Face Palms Emma Watson, World Falls In Love With Her All Over Again

Jennifer Lawrence once again proved just why so many people absolutely adore the Oscar-winning actress at the Dior Fashion Show when she face-palmed Emma Watson in front of a gleeful barrage of the paparazzi.

23-year-old Lawrence was seen pushing the palm of her right hand into the Harry Potter star's face at the event, which is part of Paris Fashion Week, on Monday night.

But those of you who think that Watson might already be plotting her revenge on the Hunger Games actress should probably cool their jets, because she was seen instantly laughing off the sneak attack from her rival.

It's fair to say that both Lawrence and Watson looked downright delightful at the stuffy event,but it was the American Hustle beauty who showed that she is capable of bringing even the dullest of gatherings to a frenzy with her antics.

It's not yet known what provoked Lawrence's playfulness, and, in all honesty, she is probably the only person in the world that will ever know what brought her to conduct such an act.

The duo were later seen sat alongside Dior's CEO, Sidney Toledano, at the front row of the show, where there wasn't a repeat of their impromptu wrestling match. Later in the evening Lawrence was seen in jovial mood once again when she was caught schmoozing with Dior's creative director, Raf Simons.

Other guests included Marion Cotillard, Charlize Theron and Sean Penn, and the latter two were even spotted showcasing their affection for each other as they partook in a quick smooching session before it all kicked off.

Over the last few years, Lawrence's stock has gone higher and higher thanks to her slightly bizarre, but somehow always adorable, acts. Her various quirky displays are in stark contrast to how almost every other member of the overly media trained Hollywood elite act, and because of this she is seen as a breath of fresh air.

In the past she not only stumbled up the stairs on her way to collecting her Best Actress gong for her turn in Silver Linings Playbook, but she gushed over the flirty behavior of Jack Nicholson towards her and then she furiously responded to a reporter after the ending to Homeland was ruined for her.

Watson, who will probably always be primarily remembered for her performances as Hermoine Granger in the adaptation of JK Rowling's infamous books, recently concluded her studies at Brown University, and it's almost a formality that both her and Lawrence will soon be competing for many of the same roles, which could see the pair partake in fisticuffs again in the future.

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