Typo Lets Violent Inmate Out Early: Number Typo Has Inmate Out Of Prison 30 Months Early

A typo let a violent inmate out of jail early in a strange case out of New Orleans. According to Corrections One, Isiah Spencer is actually the second inmate this weekto be released from prison early due to an error. Spencer was in jail after he beat his girlfriend so badly, she needed her spleen removed. According to the report, Spencer was sentenced to 33 months in prison for his heinous crime.

Whoever input the information about Spencer left off a “3” and he was released from jail three months into serving his sentence. And then, just like that, he was back out on the streets. Spencer has still not been caught — and the judge who signed off on the paperwork was not available for comment. Authorities have offered the man’s victim (presumably his now ex-girlfriend) “victim assistant services.” In other words, she will likely be living with a police car outside of her home until Spencer is back in custody.

Whoever made the typo that let the violent inmate out early could be held responsible if anything happens whilst Spencer, 30, is out on the streets. At the very least, the person could get suspended (and it is possible that person is the judge who presided over the case).

According to WHNT News, Spencer, 30, plead guilty to 2nd Degree battery and false imprisonment charges. The woman that he assaulted may or may not still be in touch with him.


It is unknown whether or not Orleans Parish Prison will be investigated since there were two errors this week alone. Naturally, the paperwork for every inmate should be double checked to ensure that no other typos will have criminals back on the streets before they serve their time.

If a typo lets a violent inmate out of prison early, one would think that something else needs to be done to double check these things. Wouldn’t someone else look at the paperwork and think that three months was a short time for someone convicted of such crimes? Apparently there weren’t any questions asked and two inmates were released due to a terrible clerical error — one that anyone could easily make.

While something like this is hard to believe, prisoners are released from jail by mistake somewhat frequently. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a prisoner in the U.K. was released from jail early just last week. Apparently the inmate had the same surname as another inmate who was scheduled to be released and got voila! A member of the staff at HMP Hewell was suspended following the mix-up. The prisoner was recaptured the next day.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube screen shot]