Tatum O’Neal Vows to Help Jailed Brother With Heroin Addiction

Earlier this year, Tatum O’Neal, an actress best known for her work as a child movie star in the 70s, detailed her past struggles with heroin and crack in her autobiography Found: A Daughter’s Journey Home.

Now that she is clean, she is hoping that sharing her methods for overcoming those addictions will help save her 26-year-old brother Redmond, as he is dealing with very similar substance abuse problems.

Redmond O’Neal, the son of actor Ryan O’Neal and the late actress Farrah Fawcett, was arrested on August 2nd when officers found heroin in his trunk after he was stopped for running a red light.

While Redmond has had several court appearances stemming from DUI and heroin charges in the past, his most recent one was the first time his father Ryan and half-siblings Tatum and Patrick came together to support him.

A source close to the family told RadarOnline.com:

“Tatum will move heaven and earth to do whatever she can to help Redmond get and stay sober. Tatum loves Redmond tremendously, and doesn’t want to lose her brother to this disease. Tatum is sincere and her concern for her youngest brother is genuine.”

Redmond’s next court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday, August 24, and according to Radar’s source, Tatum will be there.

“Tatum is going to be there for Redmond, whatever he needs. But she knows as a person in recovery, she can want Redmond to get sober until the cows come home…Redmond has to want it,” the insider said.