Technology Meets Second Amendment, 3D Printer Threat: ‘If You Take My Gun, I Will Simply Print Another One’

A video uploaded to LiveLeaks on the Fourth of July claims the user successfully manufactured a gun using little more than a 3D printer and some spare parts obtained online. The video has over 90 thousand views as of Tuesday. Despite the Undetectable Firearms Act, a single use plastic gun has been printed using a 3-D printer before. In November, Inquisitr reported about the very first 3D-printed metal hand gun.

The validity of the LiveLeaks user’s weapon is unknown and can not be verified, because the user uploaded the video with a pseudonym. Some users commented that the gun appears to be made of wood, not plastic. We also are not shown the weapon actually being created on a 3D printer in the video.

Whether of not the LiveLeaks user successfully 3D-printed a gun doesn’t negate the fact that it can be done. The Second Amendment advocate calls him or herself Buck O’Fama. Buck O’Fama says the gun does not belong in any government data base. The user demonstrates on camera the weapon discharging numerous times. The weapon fired is said to be semi-automatic, and the text on the video states, “Shooting fast is perfectly legal.”


Buck O’Fama writes:

“You many not condone the activity, but the fact remains that we are now living in a time when deadly weapons and be printed with the push of a button. The notion that any item so easily created could be eradicated from the earth is a pure fantasy. The capacity to defend my family is a fundamental human right. If you take my gun, I will simply print another one.”

Are you concerned that, thanks to technology, anyone with a 3D printer could feasibly create their own fully functioning gun?