Tween Sisters Cover Metallica's 'Nothing Else Matters'

I cannot for the life of me figure out where the middle ground audience for this rests.

A quartet of "tween sisters" has covered Metallica's super-cereal "Nothing Else Matters," although since "tween" is such a narrow age definition, one might wonder how they are "tween sisters" in the first place. The Prezcotts take what is arguably a horrifically sucktastic song (although metal fans might disagree) and manage to vomit up a whole new layer of suck on it.

The girls, for their part, seem to respect the seriousness with which fans take the song, and had this to say about the cover:

"Hey Metallica Fans! Here's a version of one of our favorite songs by Metallica…(: It was a hard song to cover.. Especially since it is such an Epic song! But we did our best and tried to bring our own style and spin on it. A special thanks to Yuto Miyazawa for that incredible Solo! This song is Dedicated to all the people in Japan.. Our prayers are still with you..We are huge fans of this song & Hope you Guys Enjoy it!"
The doom and gloom vibe one gets from Metallica (a group in the brooding stare and shitty solo genre of metal) is entirely absent from the webpage promoting the Prezcotts. The four girls- who indeed appear to be biological sisters- are described as being raised with "faith" and attending church. And the unique spelling affectation seems to not only be surname thing- the tweens are named AnaLeyna, ChaLyn, RaNelle and MaRiah.

You can watch the clip below, but if you are a huge Metallica fan, it could be offensive.