Man’s Knife In Shoe Found At Detroit Airport: Passenger Now Faces Charges

A man with a knife in his shoe was arrested after it was found during a security screening. The incident happened at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Romulus on Sunday. The man’s name has not been released.

According to Fox News, Sunday morning at approximately 7:22 a.m., Transportation Security Administration officers found “an artfully concealed knife inside a passenger’s shoe.” The TSA brought in the airport police, who confiscated the shoe and knife, and then arrested the passenger. The man with a knife in his shoe is now facing a local charge, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Naturally, knives and other similar items are barred from being carried onto the airplane and should be in checked baggage instead. So far, there is no word from authorities regarding what the man said about the incident or his reason for hiding the knife in his shoe.

The arrest comes at the same time that news is spreading regarding tightened TSA measures abroad, where passengers on flights coming into the United States must turn on all electronic devices to show they legitimately work. Items that cannot be turned on will not be allowed on the aircraft, and those passengers may face additional security checks.

Though the TSA has not laid out all of the new security measures put into place, they have indicated that additional attention to shoes may be on the agenda. After this incident, many would imagine even more attention will be paid to footwear. Although it has sometimes seemed pesky to passengers to deal with removing their footwear, the incident in Detroit of the man with a knife in his shoe would seemingly reinforce the need for the policy.


The TSA regularly confiscates items in security that would seem unlikely carry-on items. According to the blog for the TSA, just during the week of June 27 to July 2, TSA found 33 firearms, inert grenades, a hair brush dagger, stun guns, fireworks, a samurai sword and other similar items. Of the 33 firearms, it seems 25 of them were loaded. While many times these incidents likely were mistakes or the result of unaware passengers, they certainly underscore the need for these security checks.

The TSA has said that their newest security measures targeting overseas flights are not the result of any specific threat. However, they are tied to concerns regarding al Qaeda activity and possible new plots against the U.S. There is no indication that this Detroit incident where the man had a knife in his shoe is anything related to terrorism as few additional details have been released. However, many do find the incident to be a bit unsettling.

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