Melissa McCarthy's Biggest Critic Rex Reed Slams Her Appearance In 'Tammy'

Lisa Carley

Melissa McCarthy may not be a stereotypical starlet of Hollywood, and some critics are not afraid to tear apart her appearance to review her acting abilities.

Melissa McCarthy has been on the Hollywood scene since 1999, according to The Daily Beast. Starting with many hit shows and popular films before she found huge success in Bridesmaids in 2010, McCarthy has not let anything hold her back as she continues to build upon her acting, producing, and writing career.

Of course, not all of her films have been huge successes. McCarthy wrote, co-produced, and acted in her last movie, Tammy. The movie was not exactly a box office hit, and it has received its share of unflattering reviews since it was released on July 2.

One of McCarthy's biggest critics is Rex Reed, an American film critic, who never shies away from putting McCarthy's body on review in addition to her acting abilities.

Reed's review of Tammy in The New York Observer states, "With all due respect, I bow to her ability to pander to the lowest instincts of her groupies by making box office obesity profitable."

Reed went on to say, "One thing you gotta admit: however amiable and attractive she might be in real life, the star makes no attempt to beautify herself onscreen. Nothing she's ever done before will prepare you for what she looks like here, with swollen feet, tag-sale clothes and hair that resembles a nesting place for field mice."

The critic once called McCarthy a "female hippo" and a "screeching humongous creep."

Last year Reed famously refused to apologize for his criticisms in an email to Us Weekly. "As a critic whose opinions are constitutionally protected by law, I stand by all of my original remarks about Melissa McCarthy's obesity, which I consider about as amusing as cancer, and apologize for nothing."

Melissa McCarthy has been very unapologetic when it comes to her weight and overall appearance. McCarthy said in an interview with The New York Times that she "...felt really bad for someone who is swimming in so much hate."

The 44-year-old recently told Rolling Stone that she happily lives one day at a time.

"I could eat healthier, I could drink less," McCarthy said in the interview. "I should be learning another language and working out more, but I'm just always saying, 'Ah, I could get hit by a bus tomorrow.'"

Reed will unlikely stop criticizing Melissa on her weight and general appearance, but she is seemingly past that. Melissa McCarthy told More magazine that she plans to start her own plus-size clothing line in the next year.

[Image via Us Weekly]