Sexy Air Safety Video With Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Sparks Controversy

A sexy air safety video featuring Sports Illustrated (SI) swimsuit models has been pulled. Air New Zealand commissioned the video of scantily clad models titled, “Safety in Paradise.” Apparently, not all passengers were impressed with the performance of the SI models, and a petition was started to have the in-flight video yanked.

The Air New Zealand “Safety in Paradise” video featured swimsuit models Christie Brinkley, Hannah Davis, Jessica Gomes, Ariel Meredith, and Chrissy Teigen. The women illustrated all the standard air safety pointers routinely noted by flight attendants – they just did it wearing swimsuits in a PG-ish sexy manner. The air safety vide0 was shot on the shores of the Cook Islands.

Although the petition to force Air New Zealand to pull the sexy air safety video has garnered more than 10,000 signatures via, the “Safety in Paradise” video is still attracting millions of fans on YouTube. The four-minute video of the SI swimsuit models was first publicly objected to by Melbourne resident Natasha Young. The woman started the petition because she felt the air safety video “should not be an excuse to objectify the sexualized female body.”

An excerpt from the Air New Zealand safety video petition reads:

“This video completely disregards passengers who find it offensive for religious reasons, who have body image struggles, who are parents concerned about their children’s impressionable nature, who believe women deserve more respect, and who have teenage daughters who deserve more respect. This video is culturally insensitive; it disregards those who are conservative by nature and are uncomfortable with its imagery and disregards passengers who have been exposed to sexual assault. Air NZ appears determined to insist that skies are sexy regardless of who they offend.”


Overall and not shockingly, men seemed to love the sexy air safety video. Some passengers who were asked their opinions cannot fathom what all the fuss is about, and others deemed the four-minute video as sexist. Some women who commented about the Sports Illustrated models video felt that those who were offended simply had no sense of humor.
The Air New Zealand video was also created in part to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. A spokeswoman from the airline told Buzzfeed that the sexy air safety video was not yanked because of the backlash and petition, but because it was always intended to end after completing its designated run.

How do you feel about the sexy air safety video?