Two Jets Nearly Collide At Two Separate Venues, One Incident Is Captured On Video

Accidents involving airplanes have always been disastrous. Generally, there is a huge loss involved in property and lives. Fortunately for the passengers of two commercial jetliners, their lives were miraculously spared when the aircraft avoided a catastrophic collision.

A breathtaking video captured the near-disaster at a Barcelona airport Saturday in which two passenger jets narrowly avoided colliding on a runway. Though the video was shot by an amateur, the mistake one of the pilots made was anything but.

Aircraft Collision

A passenger plane was getting ready to leave a Spanish airport and taxied across a runway where another was about to land. The passenger jetliner, an Airbus A340 belonging to the Aerolineas Argentinas, was preparing to leave Barcelona’s El Prat airport when it taxied across the runway, forcing the arriving plane to abort its landing and climb sharply to avoid a possible disaster. The Boeing 767 that made a split second, life-saving decision belonged to the Russian airline, Utair.

The video captured by Miguel Angel, and posted on YouTube, has managed 8 million views, so far. Explaining his presence at the perfect moment is the fact that Miguel regularly takes videos of planes in action.

Speaking about this near disaster, he said, “This incident was one of the worst experiences I have ever had,” reported National Post.

In another completely unrelated incident this week, a Singapore Airlines 777 flew within a half-mile of a Delta Air Lines A320 before traffic controllers corrected their course. The two airplanes narrowly averted a midair crash near the Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, in what was the second such incident in as many months, reported Daily Mail.

Terrifyingly, such incidents are quite common as was recently reported by CNN.


Anyone who has played the game Flight Control will instantly realize the consequence of not correcting the flight paths of two approaching aircraft. Fortunately, the Air Traffic Controllers didn’t wait that long and corrected the paths of the two airplanes.

The Federal Aviation Administration requires aircraft to remain separated by at least a half-mile vertically and three miles horizontally. But instead, Singapore Airlines jumbo Boeing 777 flew within 200 feet vertically and about a half-mile horizontally of a Delta Air Lines Airbus A320.

While Boeing and Airbus are constantly at loggerheads over business, it appears they even clash while in the air!

[Image Credit | CRM4Pilot]