ESPN Analyst Jay Williams Tweets On Justin Bieber: Sports Fanboys, Sites Throw Tantrum

A photo of Justin Bieber and comment tweeted by ESPN Analyst Jay Williams ignited an ugly, disproportionate response on Monday from some sports fanboys and sites as their antipathy to all things Bieber continues.

ESPN college basketball analyst and ex-NBA player Jay Williams got a taste of what Justin Bieber gets to call everyday, after he tweeted a picture of himself with the Canadian singer on a private jet, along with this message:

Twitter’s reaction to the jet (envy), Williams’ “changing lives” comment (since nobody knows precisely what he was talking about, why judge?), and the great polarizer Bieber, was a mix of the usual, over-reactive fuss most male, sports fanboys invariably default to over anything to do with the singer — who, ironically, probably plays more actual sport than most fans.

Unanimously snide comments were sent to Williams. Some mentioned the ESPN analyst’s June 2003 motorcycle accident which ended his NBA career and suggested it had wreaked mental damage.

At least one Twitter user stated that they wished Bieber could have a motorcycle accident, which by any reasonable person’s standards is a shameful response to an innocuous tweet.

One sports site retweeted a old photograph of Bieber wearing different basketball teams hats as evidence of some heinous crime (liking basketball as a whole sport).

Others ranted that they had lost respect for Williams because of his association with the 20-year-old singer.

And, of course, the GIF of Bieber drinking bottled water at the 2013 Game 7 finals between Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers that sent so many sports writers and fans into homophobic hysterics, got another airing.

In fact, it’s a somewhat surprising that Monday’s Internet pile-on didn’t hypocritically rehash Bieber’s touching of the Stanley Cup.

Why hypocritical? Because Bieber wasn’t the first celebrity to touch it and at least he didn’t lick it, as did Hayden Panettiere. It seems if you’re a fit girl, doing things with your tongue to the Stanley Cup gets a pass.

But don’t just take my word for the crazed, disproportionate meanness of some of the sports world’s reaction to Williams and Bieber.

They do that all by themselves.

Gonna wait to see if his account got hacked or something before losing respect for @RealJayWilliams.

— SBS (@sbscots) July 8, 2014