Alex Trebek Suspect Says Life in Prison Too Harsh For Burglary

The woman chased down by Alex Trebek (the famously smug Jeopardy host) after she was caught robbing his hotel room has given a jailhouse interview claiming the sentence she faces for the July 26th incident is far too harsh.

Lucinda Moyers, age unavailable, has a lengthy rap sheet and has served more than twelve years in prison for various offenses. But Moyers says she could get 25 years to life in prison for allegedly stealing a watch, $650 in cash and and a bracelet from the room in which 71-year-old Trebek and his wife were staying at the Marriott Marquis while they were in town for the National Geographic World Championship at Google headquarters in Mountain View.

Moyers says she ran from Trebek- who tore his Achilles’ Tendon during the chase- not because she’d stolen from his room, but because she did not want police to know she’d been at the hotel to prostitute herself in the first place. Moyers has been convicted of similar crimes in 1990, 1991 and 1997, but her attorney disputes the police account of her arrest and whether she was actually found in possession of Trebek’s purloined goods.

Due to her record, Moyers’ sentencing could be affected by three strikes laws. She says she is being discriminated against:

“I’m never going to see life again outside if I’m found guilty,” she told the paper. “I’m not saying I shouldn’t do any time when I do stuff. I already did the time,” Moyers said. “But to do life? For stealing? And I didn’t even do anything this time. They’re going to give me life for my record.”

Moyers remains in jail on $625,000 bail.

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