Detroit Tigers, Chicago Cubs Team Up To Promote Porcello, Rizzo For All Star Game

The Detroit Tigers have three players already slated for the All Star Game -- Miguel Cabrera, Max Scherzer and Victor Martinez -- while the Chicago Cubs had two players selected to represent the National League -- Starlin Castro and Jeff Samardzija -- before they traded Samardzija to the Oakland Athletics.

Because Samardzija was voted in to represent the National League but was traded to an American League team, he is ineligible to participate. Ironically, perennial Tigers all star Justin Verlander -- who will be sitting this one out in the midst of his worst season start in recent memory -- suggested that the A's obtained Samardzija because of the Detroit Tigers.

In related reports in the Inquisitr, it has been suggested that trading the should-be All Star has benefitted the Chicago Cubs and that Samardzija has been cheated out of the All Star Game.

Tigers and Cubs fans hope to give each others' potential all stars a boost.

You can find the All Star rosters for both leagues, complete with three Detroit Tigers and one Chicago Cub, here.

Both teams would like to have at least one more name on the respective All Star Game rosters when all the votes are tallied, so they've teamed up, encouraging fans of both teams to vote for both Rick Porcello of the Detroit Tigers and Anthony Rizzo of the Chicago Cubs. The theory is that they can double up the votes for both players without hurting their own players' chances. It works mainly because the Detroit Tigers and Chicago Cubs play in different leagues, so voters aren't hurting their favorite players' chances by voting for the other team's potential all star.

Both teams have taken to social media, using Facebook and Twitter to promote their #PickRick and #VoteRizzo campaign. It would appear they've even sought the support of Chicago fans Wayne and Garth. Party On!

Of course, it's hard to argue with either pick. Rick Porcello is sitting at 11 wins with only 5 losses and a 3.53 ERA. He recently threw back to back complete game shutouts. Anthony Rizzo has a respectable.276 while pounding 17 home runs so far. They would certainly represent the Detroit Tigers, Chicago Cubs and their respective leagues well.

What do you think? Have the Detroit Tigers and Chicago Cubs found a great way to promote each other's players or is this an unfair way to tilt the playing surface in Porcello and Rizzo's favor?

[Images courtesy of Bing and Enigma Creative Arts/Christopher Williams]