Extra Happy Meal: Mother Says Sonic Served Her Family A Bag Of Marijuana With Their Kid’s Meal

A Maryland woman received quiet the surprise when she placed an order for her children at a local Sonic Drive-In. The woman, Carla McFarland, said she went to a Sonic on Guilford Drive in Fredrick where she received a bag of marijuana with her food.

McFarland told The Fredrick-News Post she was taking her 6-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son for some chicken strips. She passed the children their chicken and fries and then reached into the bag for her own food. When she did, she found a small baggie that looked to contain marijuana in her fries box. McFarland notes that she was in shock.

“I just kind of sat there in my car in shock. I kept thinking, what if my kids had eaten it?”

McFarland called for the manager and then called the police. The Fredrick-News Post reports that the Sonic manager also called the police after a female employee admitted the baggie was hers and that it must have fallen from her apron, where she keeps it, into the bag unintentionally. Sonic has fired the employee responsible. Franchisee John Louderback also spoke confirming the employee was fired and saying, “at this time, we believe that concludes the issue.”

HNGN reported that McFarland isn’t too upset with managmeent at the Sonic Drive-In noting that they were incredibly apologetic about the incident and probably even more “shocked” than she was about the marijuana baggie.

“I definitely can’t say that they didn’t go out of their way. I honestly think they were more in shock than I was.”

McFarland posted the issue on her Facebook account privately and said many of her friends laughed at the incident. You can see a screencap of the post below before it was made private.

I think that’s why everyone thinks it’s so funny, because it’s marijuana and it’s going to be legalized. It could have been crack. It could have been cocaine in that little baggie.”


Marijuana In Sonic Meal Carla McFarland

The local police state that no arrests have been made in the case and that the name of the employee involved will not be released unless charges are brought in the matter.

McFarland isn’t the first person to get a surprise with her food, a man recently found what appeared to be hair an skin inside his Pepsi can.

McFarland had her food remade by the Sonic manager and received the meal for free, but what else do you think Sonic should do in this marijuana incident? Is it really that big of a deal or is a meal comp good enough?

[Image Credit: Sonic and Carla McFarland’s Facebook]