BREAKING: Podango in trouble

A little while ago when I was doing more in the podcasting space on my home blog I had taken the time to join Podango which was suppose to be one of the premier podcasting services out there for hosting your podcasts. Well by the looks of the email I just just got things may not be looking all that well in Podango land. Below is the email I got in its entirety

Dear Podango Customers (Podcasters and Station Directors)We at Podango believe that you, our customers, are our most valuable asset. Given this belief, we have always done our best to be honest and forthright in our dealings with you. The current uncertainties of the financial market has affected many of us in this nation. As of this morning, Podango is no longer immune to it's effects. Our ability to continue operations past the end of this year (2008) is in question. We do not want any of you, or any of your shows to be negatively affected by this uncertainty and so we are encouraging you to begin taking all necessary steps to secure your data or begin moving to another hosting provider. On Monday we will have a more definitive direction. As of today, the last day to move or secure your data is December 31st. RSS feeds will need to be redirected by this date as well. It is our hope that the events of the next few days will allow us to continue providing you a service based upon a subscription fee. Again, we will know more on Monday and you will be notified of any changes to the above plan as soon as we are made aware of them.We will have a link in the My Podango section of the Podcasters login page by Monday which will allow you to redirect your RSS feed off of the Podango feed to a new feed. Instructions will accompany that tool. Also on Monday we will provide you with alternatives for show hosting.Inactive accounts, those without recent uploads or downloads, may be already been deleted from the system. If you need to contact us, please use I personally apologize for this notice of caution. We truly appreciate your business.DougDouglas G. SmithPresident – Podango

Guess the economy isn't being nice to anyone. Nothing is on the main page of Podango yet but I imagine that will be changing if indeed the company is in trouble.