What is going on with Jeremy Macklin?

When I first heard that the Philadelphia Eagles had stolen WR Steve Smith (no not that one) form the New York Giants (yes that one) I thought it was just another move made by an over zealous front office to secure them the title of NFL dream team. As it turns out this may have been the savviest move of this off season. It looks like something is seriously wrong with Eagles WR Jeremy Macklin, who was set to be their first receiver this year. He has now left camp to get more tests. It appears that he has been suffering from an undisclosed illness for the last five months or so.

Earlier this year I saw a report that Macklin was suffering from a mono type illness, and that he had dropped significant weight because of it. Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid has said he expects Macklin to be ready for the opener, but at this point I am pretty skeptical. If this guy has been sick for what is almost half a year, something pretty serious is likely going on.

Two things could be at play here. One, the Eagles know what is wrong with him, and have a better understanding how he will be treated, and when he will return. The second is that they, like most of us, have no idea what is wrong and we are all guessing at when he will be able to return. Either way signing Smith to help fill that void is a great move that will ensure the Eagles make a big run at the NFL post season.