An interesting sidebar to the NBA lockout

The NBA owners claim that the business model is broken, and they may have a point. However, there is a far more interesting argument that will certainly be played out when the NBA and its players eventually sign a new collective bargaining agreement. Yes, I much like all of you am sick about writing and reading about millionaire crybabies and their unions. However, at issue here is the rule that currently states that NBA rookies must be one year removed from high school graduation to enter the NBA draft.

NBA owners would like to see their league adopt the NFL rule, where players must be three years out. Of course that is because no 18 year old kid can step up and pound away with the big boys of that league. With that being said, I do not know of an 18 year old kid who can handle getting a million dollar payday via the NBA draft. The NBA has had several players who have played long careers now that came right out of high school, so maybe I am wrong on this one.

The real argument here is the one year rule really kills the College game, and College Basketball is a big deal. Sure, I see that NBA owners are trying to get players developed on someone else’s dime. However, wouldn’t kids waiting to come up be better for everyone? I want to see kids get a degree, make millions and then be able to do other things. That doesn’t always happen, and guys with just a high school education will be far beyond most when their playing career comes to an end.