Watch Brazil Vs. Germany Football Live Stream, 2014 World Cup Semifinal

Fans who watch the Brazil vs. Germany live stream can expect high drama and fierce determination on both sides, but none more than from the host, who has lost superstar Neymar. Germany is poised to take advantage of the untimely and devastating injury, which can only play in their favor.

Even though Brazil qualified for the semifinal once again, they paid a heavy price. Losing Neymar is a tough blow for the Verde Amarela. However, in a heartfelt video, the injured striker encourages his teammates and the nation to go on without him and make his dream of winning on Brazilian soil come true.

If you watch the Brazil vs. Germany live stream, you will see if Joachim Low’s team can step it up and face the challenge. The stands will surely be all dressed in yellow, and the pride and patriotism Brazil always displays will be tenfold on Tuesday in honor of their fallen star.

Brazil vs. Germany live
Brazil vs. Germany live (Image via Twitter)

Several stories are floating around about Neymar’s injury — suffered at the hands of Colombian defender Juan Zuniga, who rammed him on the back in the last minutes of the quarterfinal. Neymar is reportedly considering injections that will allow him to play on Tuesday, although that report is doubtful due to the nature of the injury.

Other reports suggest that if Zuniga would have hit Neymar a mere inch above where he kneed him, the Colombian could have paralyzed the 22-year-old for life. FIFA was also supposedly looking at possible sanctions against Zuniga, however, that has not been confirmed and no official announcement of any punishment has been made.

Fans who watch the Brazil vs. Germany live stream will see a Germany that wants to get a monkey off their back, as they try — once again — to become World Cup champions. Germany has not won since the unification in 1971, but have three titles as West Germany.


Germany would also be one step closer to making history. If they advance to the final and win, they would become the first non-South American team to do so in that continent.

Thomas Muller (Image via Twitter)
Thomas Muller (Image via Twitter)

A lot is at stake on Tuesday for both teams, but none more than for Brazil as they try to get over a crushing blow and at the same time attempt to avenge the 1950 Maracanazo loss. Watch the Brazil vs. Germany live stream here and at Univision in Spanish. Kick-off is at 4 pm ET from Estádio Mineirão in Belo Horizonte.

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