Okay, technology just got really scary – electronic circuits “in” your skin

There was a time when things like robots and cyborgs were purely things of science fiction, and as we have seen in just the last few years alone this is changing to the point that they are just around the corner, and that alone can be kind of a scary thought.

Well, it seems that a team of engineers have discovered a way to add even more scariness to that scenario. It’s called “epidermal electronic system” or EES which is a rather nondescript way of describing an electronic circuit mounted on your skin.

Yes, you read that right.

They are now able to embed in your skin complex electrical circuits that they consider to be a leap forward toward wearable computers; or as engineers John Rogers and Todd Coleman describe it – it’s a huge step towards erasing the divide that separates machine and human.

Coleman and Rogers say they developed EES to forego the hard and rigid electronic “wafer” format of traditional electronics in favor of a softer, more dynamic platform.

To accomplish this, their team brought together scientists from several labs to develop “filamentary serpentine” (threadlike and squiggly) circuitry. When this circuitry is mounted on a thin, rubber substrate with elastic properties similar to skin, the result is a flexible patch that can bend and twist, or expand and contract, all without affecting electronic performance.

via io9

Here is a video explaining what they are trying to do.