Swift Star-Studded Fourth: Taylor Swift Celebrates Fourth With A-List Pals

Taylor Swift had a star-studded Fourth of July party with some of her uber-famous pals. According to Us Weekly, Swift celebrated America’s birthday with actress Emma Stone and her boyfriend Andrew Garfield, Lena Dunham (Girls), Jaime King (Hart of Dixie), singer Ingrid Michaelson, and actress Jessica Szohr (Gossip Girl) to name a few. The party was held at Swift’s home in Rhode Island.

The group had an activity-filled weekend that included swimming, boating, baking, and laughing. While it rained almost all day on the Fourth of July, Swift and friends took full advantage and made a giant slip ‘n slide. The weekend boasted lots of sunshine which afforded the group some fun outdoors in their swimwear.

Check out these photos from their awesome weekend!

While Taylor Swift enjoyed her star-studded Fourth, one has to wonder why her other friends didn’t show up — or whether or not they were even invited. It certainly appears as though Swift had all of her friends together under one roof for the Fourth of July festivities, but these people weren’t the ones that you’d expect to see hanging out with Taylor.

According to People Magazine:

“Swift often posts one-on-one pictures with her famous BFFs (Selena Gomez, Karlie Kloss and Sarah Hyland, to name a few), but it’s rare to see all of Swift’s gal pals together.”

No, seriously. Where were Gomez, Kloss, and Hyland?! These girls have been Taylor’s best girl pals for years. It’s weird that none of them spent the weekend with her, isn’t it? As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Swift also has become good friends with Lorde — but she wasn’t at Taylor’s Fourth of July bash either…

Despite Swift’s star-studded Fourth missing a few famous faces, it looks like Taylor had an amazing time hosting. Interestingly enough, the country star was partying with some really big names in the biz — people that you likely didn’t know she was even friends with. And the group didn’t even seem like they’d be likely to hang out together. It really was sort of like a celeb melting pot.

Taylor Swift evidently has a lot of friends in Hollywood — and said friends were willing to leave the glamour behind for a weekend of fun in the smallest state in the country. One certainly wouldn’t expect to see such huge stars partying in Rhode Island, but they all had a blast as evidenced by their fun photos.

Is Taylor Swift trying to expand her friend-circle? Do you think she’s moving on from her “old” friends?

[Photo courtesy of Startraks via Page Six]