The Smoking Chimney

From our regular columnist Fake Steve Gillmor

Feldman and Israel made up this week. It was getting awkward for the lord, who in between licks of a lollypop was busy plotting world domination. Microsoft without Gates is like Cher without Sonny.

What comes next is always predictable. Germans are never happy with peace treaties, and love snappy uniforms. I’ve always enjoyed reading Dawkins’ conclusions on Mesh Paradigm Theory, but did I spot him in this weeks Dr Who?

The battle will continue when the puppet next appears. All conferences are stolen from one and other. TechCrunch 50 is stolen from Demo, without 50 of the startups paying. But who will take both and allow full participation for free? I don’t believe the Olympics will drive Silverlight adaptation until it becomes a full fledged competitor to AIR, which is what the rumor mill is saying. People in glass houses. Hypocrisy.

No one can win this. Seesmic vs Phreadz. Apples and Oranges. A small grove in Italy surrounded by trees, the memories of the Spanish Inquisition still vividly remembered. What a wild time the 70s were.

But everyone wants it to stop…now. If the Live Desktop fits, you must convict. Pulp Fiction, Spielberg, John Williams Score. Lego Batman released in September, will they have a cartridge that fits my Atari 2600? eWeek, CIO, CTO, some guy who use to work at Adobe, Ballmer, Mesh, More Mesh, Mesh on bread. Live, Live desktop, live silverlight, flashlight, batteries. It’s an important point I want you to remember.

Please. Thankyou. Words from a movie I don’t recall, but it sums up Microsoft’s desktop strategy well. I’m not as impartial to pole vault as others, but I will tune in.