Bernie Madoff Pants Now Available As Expensive iPad Covers

Jailed investment ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff likely won’t see freedom before his death, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a piece of him, that is if you don’t mind that piece being his pants, which have been turned into rather expensive “Madoff Pants iPad covers.”

An enterprising company purchased various pairs of Madoff’s clothing at a U.S. Marshall auction in 2010 and turned them into iPad cases.

The buyer, Frederick James is known for using “rescued fabrics” in his work and this time those “rescued fabrics” include:

  • Banana Republic Gavin Khaki
  • Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Khaki
  • Mason’s Off White Khaki
  • J. Crew Khaki

Bernie Madoff pants iPad covers come in various colors and will cost you a minimum of $250. For that price the company says of the J. Crew cover:

This cover is made from an off-white pair of 100% cotton J. Crew pants, size 34 x 30. They are lined in yellow double-knit wool.

Only 4 iPad covers were produced from this pair of pants. Each cover is unique. Two of the covers have original pockets from the pants, one with the J. Crew logo.

Unlike Madoff’s empire the pants are made in the U.S. from something that actually exists. Also just like Madoff the cases will not protect their investors from anything and are only meant to be used to show off the opulence of the idea.

Obviously the entire idea of the Bernie Madoff pants covers are to capitalize on the infamy of Madoff’s name, but when it comes down to it, the cases are really a nice way to recycle something that could easily have been thrown away.