‘Believe Me’ Movie Featuring Lecrae Parodies Christian Sub-Culture

A new movie coming out this September entitled Believe Me will feature Christian rap artist Lecrae. Believe Me will parody the strange and head scratching sub-culture that is Christian platforming. Although Christianity as a faith values humility as a virtue, anyone familiar with Christian sub-culture knows there is a tendency to hop on hot trends. Believe Me director Will Bakke believes that one of those trends is Christian platforming.

Watch the Believe Me trailer.

The movie is about a college student and his friends who are in danger of losing their tuition. The mischievous friends come together to form a get rich quick scheme. Through a series of events, the realize that there is a ton of money to be made by giving Christians the “feeling” of doing something good. So they form a fake charity and begin promoting themselves, growing their platform. As the story develops, the friends realize they may have gotten in too deep.

Lecrae, who is currently involved in a lawsuit with Katy Perry, plays a doctor in the movie and is not concerned about how others view his involvement in the movie.

Lecrae told the Dallas Film Society:

“For me, I love satire. So, I love when we can take serious issues and kind of massage them and laugh and just deal with it. Everything from college tuition, to faith, to ethnicity, all those things get people up tight but I think when we can look at them and laugh at them and just have a good time, it makes for a good story.”

The movie is sure to cause quite a controversy as Christians are not historically fond of being laughed at. Bakke hopes the movie is able to reach all people, Christian or not, with the message of being true to yourself.

Bakke told The Blaze in a recent interview:

“The movie raises a lot of questions about the power of platforms. Why believe somebody just because he’s on stage wearing a mic? It’s intellectually irresponsible to take someone at their word without investigating their claims, and Christians are just as much at fault of that as anyone else. So the question, ‘Why do you believe what you believe?’ certainly comes into play here.”

Believe Me was made on a fairly small budget and is expected to be released in only a few theaters throughout the United States. However, there is a good chance the move could gain a cult following, especially with the help of actors Nick Offerman and Christopher McDonald.

Certainly there will be much more said about Believe Me in the coming months from the Christian circles.