15 Adorable Moments Of Animals As They Get This Parenting Thing Right

Parenting for humans has become quite hard, and despite insane amount of books, literature, seminars and what not, homo sapiens still haven’t quite perfected the knack of getting this parenting thing right. Well, here are 15 adorable moments of great parenting from the animal kingdom, and from the looks of things, it appears these animals can easily teach a lot of things that are quite essential in rearing a child or children.

1) Just out for a walk with parents, nothing more to it

The Tiger & Tigress Take Their cub for his everyday walk

Credit: dailymail.co.uk

2) I shall be your protective umbrella:

A Mother Bird Offers A Protective Shelter To Her Chicks

Credit: Ric Seet

3) Just tucking the sleepy one in:

A Squirrel Tucks In Her Tuckered Out Baby

4) You get back in here, its cold out there:

A Polar Bear Appears To Have Caught The Curious Cub Wandering Off

Credit: Belovodcenko Anton

5) Chase some tail!

A Fox Trains Her Cub In The Art Of Chasing Tail ;)

Credits: Igor Shpilenok

6) Let’s teach you to swim:

The Grizzly Bear Seems To Be Showing The Finer Points Of Swimming To Its Kid

Credits: Marco Mattiussi

7) Who you eyeballing? Can’t we have some privacy

The Otter Seems To Taking Its Kid For A Leisure Ride

Credits: Chuck Babbitt

8) Speaking of privacy, get a room you two:

The Kid Seems To Begging His Parents To 'Get A Room'

Credits: Wolfgang von Vietinghoff

9) Tickle-Tickle-Tickle:

The Lioness Giving Her Son A Bath Who Seems To Enjoy It

Credits: Daniel M√ľnger

10) Let there always be a warm hearth for my kids:

The Penguins Form A Protective Circle To Keep Their Children Warm

Credits: Frederique Olivier/John Downer Productions

11) Just going for a peaceful and lazy ride:

The Armadillo Mother Takes Her Kid For a Ride

Credits: imgur.com

12) Now that’s how you leave an impression, when you leave:

The Mother Hippo Takes Her Child For A Swim

Credits: dailymail.co.uk

13) A little crowded, but there’s always room for my kids:

The Mother Crocodile Takes Her Children For Their First Swim Atop Her Head

Credits: Udayan Rao Pawar

14) Hop aboard, my little one.


15) Are my eyes deceiving me or is it indeed a multi-limbed bird?

The Mother Bird Seems To Completely Encased Her Chicks

These images should help parents get a better perspective on this parenting thing. Its certainly not easy, but it has its moments.