'Ratigan Rant' Goes Viral as Dylan Ratigan Melts Down on Air [Video]

Possibly because it skewers Dems and Republicans alike, Dylan Ratigan's impassioned rant earlier this week about the economy went viral on the web shortly after the clip aired on Ratigan's MSNBC show.

Ratigan's rant gets underway accusing Democrats of "kicking the can down the road until 2017" and "screwing" future (and current) generations of Americans by not offering long term solutions for extractions from the economy, while positing Republicans "just wanna burn the place down," an apt metaphor for the willful economic destruction we saw wrought by a trigger happy Tea Party last week. But at around the two-minute mark, Ratigan gets into the really controversial (and spot on) portion of his rant where he accuses legislators of being "bought" and says that if the President doesn't come clean with the American people about the way funding influences Congress, there is no workable solution to fix the problem.

Ratigan points to Teddy Roosevelt as a historical example of dealing with a corrupted body of lawmakers, and likens the situation to accepting a diagnosis of cancer- predicting the American people would be onboard totally with such an assessment and the steps that need to be taken to correct it. Ratigan suggests:

"Because when you realize that the banking system is fully corrupt and defrauding us and I come out and say that, which is what I want my president to do, at that exact moment, I say 'you know what, we got a screwed up situation here people, you all know it and now I am going to admit it...' As a result not only have I admitted it but we're going to begin the process of solving it like grown-ups. They did it after World War Two, they did it after the Civil War, they did in Latin America with the Brady Bonds, we are not seeing it happen now."
On his own blog, Ratigan explains his thoughts in a more detailed way- that's a bit easier on your ears. Do you agree with Dylan Ratigan's rant? Embedded below: