Robert Cavalli, Designer, Creates ‘Sexy’ Exercise Bike

Can an exercise bike be all that sexy?

Sure, a toned derriere from hours spent cycling is certainly an attractive attribute, but exercise bikes- a necessity for year-round biking in some climates- are generally a very unsexy affair. Even the most up to date models at the gym have dated LED-dot displays, circa 1988 blue and gray styling and that hip EKG-esque logo. Most are virtually identical to the massive stock of twenty-year old exercise bikes on Craigslist, save for the change in color from hospital bedpan beige and brown favored two decades ago.

In fact, one of the biggest hurdles to owning an exercise bike is where to put the ugly thing if you don’t have a spare room dedicated to exercise. They look cluttery and crowded nearly everywhere specifically because they draw attention to the fact you have no place to stash one. But designer Roberto Cavalli’s exercise bike certainly bucks the ugly sweaty handles and bulky wheel cover trend.

Somewhat of an object d’art, the Roberto Cavalli for Cicolette collection offers six options for the exercise bike owner that may lack a dedicated home gym room but doesn’t want to upset the sleek lines of their flat-screen TV and minimalist decor. The Roberto Cavalli exercise bikes look somewhat like a big circle, with two handlebar spikes and animal-print (leopard or zebra) trim. [Pictured above.]

The Robert Cavalli for Cicolette line launches simultaneously with workout wear from the designer, so you can look as fancy as your equipment when you’re doing fitness routines. Want one? Better start saving. Exact prices haven’t been announced, but Cicolette bikes generally require an investment of upwards of ten large. Roberto Cavalli exercise bikes are likely to cost at least as much, so let’s hope he does a line for Target soon.