Scarlett Johansson’s Breasts Being Groped By Isaac Mizrahi Was Like An ‘Out Of Body Experience’

When Scarlett Johansson’s breasts were grabbed by Isaac Mizrahi in the middle of an interview the actress did not know how to respond and now, looking back, she can only describe it as an “out of body experience.”

In a related report by The Inquisitr, an “exact double” of Scarlett Johansson in a novel was treated as a “sex object” by author Gregoire Delacourt, who claims he only used her image as a way of giving Johansson a compliment. But the actress was not amuse and filed a defamation lawsuit that attempted to block the novel from being translated into other languages, including English.

Bill Kurtis was on NPR with Scarlett when he started talking about her being a “tough New Yorker” and how he was “proud” of her response when she was on the red carpet. While he awkwardly trailed off with his sentence, Johansson immediately caught on to what he was referring to:

“Are you talking about when Isaac Mizrahi grabbed my breasts mid-interview?”

When everyone had stopped laughing and could breathe again, host Peter Sagal prompted her again by asking her to relate the story, but at first she just wanted to tease them:

“You just want to hear me say grab my breast.”

After some friendly kidding Scarlett decided to discuss the incident on the red carpet:

“Well, just that. I don’t know how else to put it, really. You know, it’s just – it was such an incredibly strange and out of body experience. I mean, the last thing that you ever expect when somebody’s interviewing you is for them to grab your breast. But I guess maybe my dress invited that sort of thing. I don’t know…. I guess he just sort of had a kind of a like brumsky sort of moment. And he retreated and we went to commercial break. It was very strange.”

At this point Sagal asked, “What do you say to him after that when you’re in the commercial break?” But all Johansson recalls is not knowing how to respond:

“I think I just said something like, oh, that was strange. I’ll be seeing you later. No, I do not know.”

Are you surprised at Scarlett Johansson’s reaction to having Isaac Mizrahi grab her chest?