Djokovic Defeats Federer And Takes Men's Wimbledon Title

Djokovic Defeats Federer

Novak Djokovic won the prestigious men's Wimbledon championship this Sunday, 6-7, 6-4, 7-6, 5-7, and 6-4 against Roger Federer. This is his second Wimbledon title since his victory in the 2011 Wimbledon championship and his seventh Grand Slam championship.

The match was just as intense as one might expect of a Wimbledon Final with neither Djokovic nor Federer giving in during all five sets. The fourth set in particular saw five broken serves, demonstrating the incredible tenacity both players brought to the match and some of the best rallies in Wimbledon history.

Although Djokovic led two sets to one and built up a 5-2 lead against Federer, the Swiss tennis pro showed that his seven Wimbledon titles were not just for show and fought back to take the fourth set 5-7.

Not shaken by the disappointing loss in the fourth set, Djokovic pulled together for the nail-biting fifth set where both players traded points until it was Federer who had an unforced error, sending the ball into the net and allowing Djokovic to take the championship.


When asked about the fifth set in a post-game interview, Djokovic said:

"I could have easily lost my concentration in the fifth and just handed him the win. But I didn't, and that's why this win has a special importance to me, mentally. I managed to not just win against my opponent, but win against myself, as well, and find that inner strength."
For Djokovic, this win is especially valuable considering the string of losses he recently suffered. Last year, Djokovic took losses in the US Open, French Open and in the finals match of the 2013 Wimbledon against Andy Murray. This championship was a much needed victory for Djokovic and an excellent opportunity to prove his mettle to the tennis world.

Boris Becker, three-time Wimbledon winner, said of Djokovic:

"It could've gone either way in the fifth set…Novak finds another way. He digs deep and finds another way."
Djokovic also experienced several unfortunate injuries that might have cost him the championship. During the second set, he had an awkward fall, prompting him to call a medical timeout to have his ankle worked on by a trainer. In the fifth set, Djokovic again called a trainer to have his right calf worked on.

Despite the disappointing loss, Federer played incredibly as well, keeping Djokovic on his toes at all points during the game and even scoring a critical ace in the fourth set.

In his post-game interview, Federer said of Djokovic:

"I can only say congratulations. An amazing match, an amazing tournament, and deserved, well deserved."
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